About us

Talented expert team focused on the success of our business clients.

Who we are:
GoodPoint Software Corp. was founded in 2015 as a global company with headquarter in Canada by Information Technology Architects.
All our developers are Microsoft Certified specialists with huge experience in solving enterprise tasks.

What we do:
We provide the broad range of solutions for businesses. Our service areas are:

  • Creating IT-infrastructure
  • Public websites design, development and SEO
  • SharePoint-based intranet company portals customizations
  • Mobile Apps for business

Why we:
What distinguishes our solutions on the market is the complete coverage of business tasks.
We design our software to meet all possible needs to satisfy every client. For this purpose, our software is always specially designed as opened for further customization.
Once our solutions is purchased, it can be restyled or customized in any part and all instructions are provided.
We encourage you to compare our solutions with similar offers on the market and we expect that you easily see the difference.
For this purpose, free and paid versions are available.