Extra fast loading time in versions by using CDN

We identified that majority of Office Store Add-Ins on the same page generally work extremely slow.

There are several reasons for that:

  • Office Store Add-In publishers often put all CSS styles and JavaScript files into their .app packages

  • SharePoint Folders and Page Libraries are normally slower than IIS websites and much slower than Content Delivery Networks(CDNs)

That's not the case for GoodPoint Store Add-Ins anymore.

Starting from version, we utilize public CDNs and GoodPoint CDN for CSS styles and JavaScript files.

It provides unbelievable increase in performance and reduces not only .app package size, but also loading time for webparts.

When it comes to caching, CDN files are cached in browsers and not downloaded every time.

It also means that putting multiple GoodPoint Add-Ins on the same page provides even better results.

It happens because all our Add-Ins use same files from CDN and your browsers do not donwload this files for every single Add-In.

For example, if BootStrap CSS file was loaded and cached in one GoodPoint Software webpart, in second webpart the same file is already cached and immediately rendered without downloading.

Published:  11/20/2016
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