GoodPoint Store Domain Licenses vs Office Store Licenses in

Before version of GoodPoint Add-Ins, we had a per-user licensing model based on 10-users threshold.

It means that license for 10 users was generally for unlimited users for one SharePoint Deployment.

Starting from version, the only available Office Store license is 1-user license, which is not limited by number of users anymore.

It means that buying any 1-user license grants you’re the right to use Add-In with no user limitations.

It is now a simpler model that do not require to know how many users you would need.

Good news for those customers, who purchased a one-user license in the past. That license is automatically transformed to license that is not limited by number of users.

The second big thing that we introduce in version is GoodPoint Store Domain Licensing.

This licensing is an alternative to Office Store licenses and it can be purchased directly at our Store.

One Office Store license covers unlimited users for one SharePoint deployment.

Meanwhile, one GoodPoint Store Domain License covers unlimited users for all SharePoint sites under the specific domain, even if there are multiple SharePoint farms are hosted under that domain.

In some cases, domain license can be a better option than Office Store license.

Published:  10/25/2016
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