All AppParts are updated to version (Transparency & Host web styling)

What's new:

1) Increased loading speed because all JavaScript and CSS are minified and bundled into single file to reduce size and optimize amount of web requests.

2)Added support for transparent color and using host web styles in the AppPart properties.

The first newly introduced checkbox is "Use Transparent Background Color".

If your SharePoint environment has custom design (for example grey background), the transparency option is what you need.

Here is how usual webpart looks like in SharePoint environments without custom background color:

If we add custom background, here is what happens:

And here is what happens if you enable the new AppPart property "Use Transparent":

The second checkbox is "Use Site styles".

You may want to use this checkbox if your SharePoint has custom font styles and you want our AppPart to use exactly same fonts.

We hope these changes will make our SharePoint Add-Ins truly universal.

Published:  1/12/2015
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