GoodPoint Software welcomes following Strategic Partner Types:

If you are person or company, who creates incredible Apps or Solutions, we can help you to promote sales of your solution to world market on your behalf using our brand name.
While you will focus on App quality, we will take care of all other challenges on the road to success.
As a Publishing Partner you will receive royalty from every sold copy of your product, but you will not be paid for development.

If your clients are interested in our Apps and Solutions, you can become our Reseller Partner and get 20% from every direct sale.

If you are software vendor with high-quality reusable industry-recognized products that are interesting for our clients use or for our internal use, we may consider you as our Technology Partner.

We provide wide range of custom software development services.
If you have a client and there are no resources to complete the project, we can complete it for you and you will receive sales margin.

Please Note: Being our partner of any type is subject to approve and the partner status can be revoked at any time.
If we approve you as a partner, we require to add our logo and description to your website in order to become our partners.

Have you chosen the best type for you?
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