Privacy policy for GoodPoint SharePoint Apps/Add-ins.

This statement sets forth the Privacy Policies of the line of SharePoint Apps developed by GoodPoint Software Corp. GoodPoint Software Corp. may change the policies from time to time and will post these changes on this page.

Your consent.
By using our SharePoint apps, you consent to our privacy policy.

As a general rule, in all cases that are not covered on this page below, GoodPoint Software Corp. does not collect any personal information, or anything related to your device when you use any of our apps including any of the Apps in our line of products.
We will never sell or share information when you purchase or demo any of our Apps to third parties without your written consent.

SharePoint Add-In Pro versions license validation
SharePoint Add-Ins Pro versions validate licenses based on GoodPoint Software Licensing Service outside of customer SharePoint environment.
During the process of validating licenses, the following information may be sent outside customers SharePoint environment:
  • Domain of the SharePoint website, where SharePoint Add-In is installed
  • Secret Token from GoodPoint Store that was provided to customer during the process of purchasing Add-In in GoodPoint Store
    This token is automatically generated by GoodPoint Software website and does not store any information about customer environment.
  • ProductId of SharePoint Add-In that is under license verification procedure
    This identifier is unique and specific for every Office Store Add-In and does not include any information about customer environment.
The verification data above will never be shared with any third-parties or sold under any circumstances.

Contact Us.
If you have any questions regarding privacy while using our applications please contact us via email