SharePoint Chat App/Add-in


This app works as a powerful chat engine on SharePoint pages.
*Enhanced security checks chat messages for potentially dangerous content and encodes it to safe text.
*Room support allows users to use different chat rooms on different pages.
*Automatic process of cleaning old messages avoids any performance issues that may happen because of list thresholds.

Basic functionality is available in free Lite version, while Pro version offers an ultimate solution without ads and full support available for purchase.

Feature Comparison

Feature Lite (Free) Version Pro (Paid) Version
Name GoodPoint Chat Lite GoodPoint Chat Pro
Main features
Allows users to chat on SharePoint pages Yes Yes
Ready to use right after installation Yes Yes
Compatibility SharePoint 2013, 2016, Online SharePoint 2013, 2016, Online
Auto removing old messages to prevent performance issues and errors Yes Yes
Advanced security check to prevent sending messages with potentially dangerous content Yes Yes
Premium features
Without ads No Yes
Additional support can be purchased No Yes
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Buy From GoodPoint Store Buy from GoodPoint Store

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