SharePoint CSV Uploader App/Add-in


This app offers an easy and powerful way to import CSV files into SharePoint lists.
The huge set of settings is available starting from choosing existing of new list, following by fields mapping and ending by optional data validation.

Up to 1000 lines in CSV is supported scenario. More than 1000 lines will work "as is" with no guarantee.

Feature Comparison

Feature Pro (Paid) Version
Name GoodPoint CSV Uploader
Main features
Allows to upload any CSV file(s) to SharePoint list Yes
Ready to use right after installation Yes
Validation before upload, you will know what records are incorrect Yes
Ability to save all upload settings in config and reuse it next time in few clicks. Coming soon
Configurable Options
Column separator auto-detection or manual select Yes
Pick any list on any SharePoint web under current site collection or choose to create a new list Yes
Mapping CSV columns to list fields Yes
Confident use
Additional support is available for purchase Yes
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