SharePoint Feedback Form App/Add-in


This App offers the opportunity to collect feedback from users on SharePoint pages.
Can be used as Contact Us form and Comments form, depending on field labels and field types.

All fields are configurable and easy add/remove process is implemented.
You simply add field into the app list and AppPart renders the field immediately.

Three different actions can be configured on feedback event: sending feedback to SharePoint list(enabled by default), sending email, calling a custom webservice.

Pro version implements unique technique that allows administrator to change any JS/CSS files inside the Add-In.
It is the only one our Add-In that supports this technique as an experiment.

Basic functionality is available in free Lite version, while Pro version offers an ultimate solution with huge set of advanced features.

Feature Comparison

Feature Lite (Free) Version Pro (Paid) Version
Name GoodPoint Feedback Form Lite GoodPoint Feedback Form Pro
Main features
Allows users to send feedback Yes Yes
Ready to use right after installation Yes Yes
Compatibility SharePoint 2013, 2016, Online SharePoint 2013, 2016, Online
All text labels are configurable Yes Yes
Submitted feedback is saved to a SharePoint list Yes Yes
Premium features
Email notifications on submit No Yes
Custom webservice call on submit No Yes
Fields to display in AppPart Only one field - Comments (multiple lines) Unlimited amount of fields (single line, multiple lines, choice fields)
Settings permissions to apps web and lists No Yes
All content(CSS, images, Javascript) is opened for edit/customiation No Yes
Additional support can be purchased No Yes
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