SharePoint Redirect App/Add-in


This App redirects users to a specific SharePoint page.
Configurable timeout and message to display help inform users about redirection details and reasons.

Pro version includes second AppPart "Agree Button" for implementing complex compliance acknowledgement scenarios with redirecting. For example, user can be redirected to an agreement page every time until he accepts the agreement. After accepting the agreement, redirect stops for that specific user.

Basic functionality is available in free Lite version, while Pro version offers an ultimate solution with huge set of advanced features.

Feature Comparison

Feature Lite (Free) Version Pro (Paid) Version
Name GoodPoint Redirect Lite GoodPoint Redirect Pro
Main features
Allows to redirect users to target pages Yes Yes
Ready to use right after installation Yes Yes
Compatibility SharePoint 2013, 2016, Online SharePoint 2013, 2016, Online
Configurable delay before redirection Yes Yes
Premium features
Without ads No Yes
Configurable message before redirection No Yes
Unlimited redirection rules for specific users No Yes
Agree Button AppPart for tracking who accepted agreements and policy compliance No Yes
Additional support can be purchased No Yes
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